Supported Living/Outreach

We provide supported accommodation, 24 hr support and outreach support for people to live a normal life in their communities

Our Supported living Accommodation

In partnership with non-profit making organisation and private landlords in Bristol and around, we secure properties that offers the following:

  • Normal home feeling for our special people 
  • Safe and well maintained home for a normal living 
  • Security of tenancy under short term tenancy contract with the landlord  and sign up for a licence to live in the accommodation. 
  • All healthy and safety of the property is ensured- Fire Safety, Gas & Electricity Certificates all in compliance with HMO requirements
  • Having a place you call your home where you have rights as a citizen 

Our 24hr Supported Living

We support people enjoy independence life that includes:

  • Holding a licence to their accommodation
  • Sharing communal facilities but still maintain their individual independence
  • Choosing how they want to live their life
  • Having a  support worker who will support them and provide them with their  1:1 support
  • Having support to plan and carry out activities they like doing.
  • Having support to budget and going shopping, eating out and enjoying leisure activities
  • Support to go to college or a course you  like to do
  • Having support to identify paid, or voluntary work  
  • Having support to plan and to go on holiday 
  • Having support to know your community, your councilor and your MP.
  • Having support to move on to own property 

With our support people enjoy life and citizenship of your country 

Our Outreach Support

Running home can be overwhelming and a trigger to stress and a feeling of being unwell

Our outreach support provides the right support and companionship for  people to feel safe to integrate in active community life. Our support includes:

  • Confidence building  and supporting people to maintain  their skills 
  • Developing new skills and ability to run their homes
  • Maximising their benefits, budgeting and paying of bills 
  • Applying for voluntary or paid jobs 
  • Starting new hobbies or reconnecting with  old ones
  • Keeping safe and forming safe friendships 
  • Keeping health appointments and medication supply  

We liaise with health and social care professionals that are involved with people’s care when they become unwell

Our Values

Every vulnerable adult is a citizen, they have rights to live independently in the community

Our support focusses on: 

  • Enabling  vulnerable people live independently with support
  • Participate in active community life, doing the things they like doing.
  • Know your community and exercise your rights as a citizen
  •  Move on to your own place in the community