Care worker helps old lady with dementia finish puzzla

Dementia is a is a condition of the brain that can affect any person with an impact on aspects of that person’s life and those around them.

People affected may become frustrated that they are becoming forgetful can’t concentrate and plan; this can range from forgetting to take your toilet bag with you to the bathroom, leaving the tap running to forgetting to switch the stove off after cooking

Some people may start to lack interest in things that used to matter in their lives

There are so many ways of coping with dementia.

With the right help and support when you need it, many people can, and do, live well with dementia for several years.

These need starting earlier in people’s lives

Stay socially active

Keeping in touch with people and engaging in social activities, such as going to church, tea clubs, shopping, holiday or being part of a walking group or choir, is good for your confidence and mental wellbeing.

In old age our world become smaller and we can’t get to places easily, neither do we get our families around us all the time. Life has become busy

Our social workers will help you find the right person to help you access social activities or to give you that time to enjoy the things you used to enjoy, this can be enjoying book reading with your wife, playing a puzzle or keeping fit by joining dementia-friendly swimming sessions

We prepare and match you with carers who offer quality 1:1 support that truly meets your needs and lifts up your moods again.

Life become worth living again because you can do whatever you have always done.

Eating healthy

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health, and can help you feel your best.

This means having someone who can prepare fresh meals for in the right proportions, and right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

People with special dietary needs or a medical condition should ask their doctor or a registered dietitian for advice.

Social interaction

As human being we are created to be human , this means that companion and interaction about life in the way that is important

Living on you own can be depressing and lonely- this add on stress that is not healthy to you brain cells

Our social worker understands this and will get you a carer with skills to understand you and provide support that brings meaning to you life

You do not need to leave your home or rely on a machine to keep you safe. The human interaction with your live in carer will bring real meaning and companion into your life. All this in the comfort or you home.

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