About Us

We are local Community Services provider, providing home care/Live in Care , Supported Living Support, Out reach and Day Services to vulnerable people in our Community.

Locally Owned

Care Navigation is a locally owned social care provider that is aimed at supporting most Vulnerable People in our local communities.

We provide  all levels of community services that gives vulnerable people an opportunity to actively continue living an active life in the community they have always known and doing the things they enjoy most at the time of their choice 

Our aims and Objectives

Inspired by experience of years of working in health ,adult social care settings and lately providing consultancy services to Care Homes and other social care providers, we  realised a  need for developing services that are authentic and driven by quality over profits.

We believe that  without our support  most vulnerable people whom have limited opportunities to live a  fulfilling life in their communities.

Home Care/Live in Care

Our belief is that no one should be made to  leave their home because they can no longer do things for themselves unless it is their choice to want to move into a care home

We provide tailored support where one chooses visits from a carer (home care) or have someone  come and live with them (live in care) to provide care and companionship or support you make an informed decision about moving into a care home. 

Outreach and Day Services

We believe in equal opportunities for all citizens but we also believe that some people are more vulnerable than others. They need that extra care and safety.

Our day services aims at providing safe and secure  environment where people with leaning disability can learn skills for life, form friendship and enjoy a quality life.

Staff are present as 1:1 or shared to facilitate social activities and for people to spend their day time doing things that brings joy and a meaning in their life. 

Client Feedback